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About Studentlitteratur

Studentlitteratur is Sweden’s leading publisher of educational materials. In close collaboration with representatives of preschool, primary, secondary and adult education, university and professional life, we develop products that support knowledge and development of skills along all stages of life.

We publish around 300 new titles annually and lead the way in developing digital learning materials. Regardless of the form and packaging, however, the basic concept remains the same. Everything we offer is based on scientific grounds, proven experience and the adaptivity of our educational materials to our target groups.

Studentlitteratur is a family-owned publishing company founded in 1963. Our range of study resources, academic publishing, easy-to-read literature, study programmes and digital information services makes Studentlitteratur Sweden’s leading educational publisher. The Studentlitteratur Group has a turnover of SEK 394 million and 161 employees.

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