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Automation Game Master

This book will give you the tools, methods and frameworks to aid you in your understanding of human engagement. When you use them, they will engage both you and your team to strive harder for your common goals, but at the same time gain a higher workplace satisfaction than before.

Gamification has a long tradition to increase motivation. It is not exclusive within the gaming community but has also functioned as a tool for change management in the production industry. A famous change management philosophy using gamification is the Lean Production philosophy. If you have taken a lean course of almost any kind you have probably noticed many gamification elements.

In the gaming community, in the more complex games; the role play games (RPG), there is usually a person taking the role of managing the game -The game master. The Game Master has the overall responsibility for the gaming session and uses different tools in order to keep the game alive and to motivate the participants in the game, from start to finish. Gaming sessions can transpire over weeks, months and even years.

In order to maintain motivation and group dynamics in such a gaming session, demands strategy, time, commitment and trust from all players. For this, the game master is vital.

In this book, we have tried to put the role of the game master into the context of change management projects. Especially changes within automation. Translated to an industrial environment an AGM could be a person who manages projects, moderates’ activities and creates a creative and fun environment for teaching and learning within automation related projects. Similar roles can be seen at companies today, for example scrum master, lean champion, black belt or lean Senpai.

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Nyfiken på författarna?

Åsa Fast-Berglund är biträdande professor inom smart automation i produktionssystem på Chalmers tekniska högskola. Åsas forskning fokuserar främst på hur digitalisering och automation kan hjälpa och möjliggöra innovativa och flexibla arbetsplatser. Åsa har lång erfarenhet av samarbete med industri och är operativt ansvarig för Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SIILab), en internationell och nationell testbädd inom smart automation.

Åsa Fast-Berglund is a professor in smart automation in production systems at Chalmers University of Technology. Åsa's research focuses mainly on how digitization and automation can help to enable innovative and flexible workplaces. Åsa is the COO for Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SIILab), an international and national test bed in smart automation.

Adam Palmquist är fil.mag. och leg. lärare och doktorerar i informationsteknologi med inriktning gamification/spelifiering. Adam har mångårig erfarenhet av att arbeta som skolutvecklare på Magelungen Utveckling – en skolkoncern som riktar sig till elever med omfattande behov av särskilt stöd.

Adam Palmquist is an industrial PhDv in Applied IT at University of Gothenburg and works as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at the Swedish Gamification company Insert Coin. Palmquist has a background in learning and (analouge) game design. He is an author of several books addressing the intersection of design, technolohy, and learning. Adam has worked as a gamification designer and advisor for various international companies in diverse industries.


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