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Greening logistics

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The emerging awareness of climate threats and other environmentally related problems creates challenges for logistics. Greening logistics introduces various avenues to understand and improve logistics systems from an environmental perspective. Freight transport is part of, as well as a consequence of, the logistics system, where the environmental challenges cannot, and should not, be met at the cost of efficiency and competitiveness. During the last decade, research into green logistics has ...















Maria Björklund

Maria Björklund (Associate professor of Logistics Management) is a researcher and lecturer on the environmental impact of logistics system design a...

Maria Huge Brodin

Maria Huge-Brodin (Professor of Green Logistics Management) is a researcher and lecturer on the environmental impact of logistics system design and...

Maisam Abbasi

Maisam Abbasi is currently involved in research and entrepreneurship activities in supply chain management discipline. He is the founder of his sta...

Sönke Behrends

Sönke Behrends is an assistant professor in urban logistics at Chalmers University of Technology, and the manager of the Urban Freight Platform (UF...

Fredrik Eng Larsson

Fredrik Eng Larsson is currently Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT Center For Transportation and Logistics, at the Massachusetts institute of Techn...

Karin Isaksson

Karin Isaksson is based in Stockholm, working as a management consultant at Centigo. She is part of Centigo’s Supply Chain & Operational Excellence...

Helena Lindh

Helena Lindh has finalised her PhD in Packaging Logistics at Lund University. Her thesis research was focused on Sustainable packaging of organic f...

Maria Lindholm

Maria Lindholm is working as research coordinator and manager of the urban mobility round table at the neutral and national arena for transport eff...

Christina Maack

Christina Maack is currently working in a Gothenburg based service company focused on delivering customized products and concepts.

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